Warm up Airstream LED Ceiling Lights

Our 2021 Airstream Caravel 16RB came with LED lights throughout. Although they are very efficient, they emit very cool, almost blueish light that I don’t care for. Fortunately, it’s very easy to warm up these ceiling lights; all you need is some gel filter sheets you can get from Amazon.

  1. The stainless ceiling light cover can be pried open with a utility knife.
  2. Cut the sheet into small round shape pieces that fit in the ceiling light cover.
  3. Put the sheet(s) in the cover and push the cover back.

The one I used was orange, 1/4 CTO. I used 2 layers stacked. You can experiment with a single layer or more than 2 layers to your liking.

I learned this trick from Journeyman’s youtube channel

The title image was taken during our Fort Ebey State Park camping trip.

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