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    Airstream Caravel Cabinet Door Stopper

    Last year when we took our 16′ Caravel to a 10-day trip in Banff NP, we found our overhead cabinet sliding doors often opened themselves during travel, especially when we were going downhill. Things were all over the floor but luckily nothing was broken. So when I got back from the trip, I quickly designed this handy door stopper. It plugs into the round hole on the sliding door and…

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    Mt. Rainier NP & Ohanapecosh Campground

    Our memorable camping trip in Ohanapecosh campgrund, Mt. Rainier NP.

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    A Peaceful Night at Nason Creek

    Last fall when we camped at Lake Wenatchee State Park, we discovered this gem right next to the state park. It was already closed for the season, so we planned a trip in the late spring this year – glad we did! Our campsite is right on a the bank of a chatty alpine creek. Probably not much space for a mat on the door side, but great privacy.

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    Warm up Airstream LED Ceiling Lights

    It’s very easy to warm up LED ceiling lights in newer Airstreams. All you need is some gel filter sheets.

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    Fort Ebey In Spring

    Fort Ebey State Park Booking an April camping trip in Pacific Northwest is more or less a gamble, especially since most nice campsites are all gone months before the trip. But we lucked out – our first trip in 2022 was blessed with lovely weather and breathtaking views. Arrived at the campsite around 5:30pm Friday afternoon. I took the trail next to the campsite and went straight to the bluff…

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    Our First Airstream Trip at Bowman Bay

    We have been to Bowman Bay many times in the past, but this is our first trip in an Airstream. Being able to stay overnight in this beautiful state park brought quite some new experience.