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  • cabinet-door-stopper-v10.png

    Airstream Caravel Cabinet Door Stopper

    Last year when we took our 16′ Caravel to a 10-day trip in Banff NP, we found our overhead cabinet sliding doors often opened themselves during travel, especially when we were going downhill. Things were all over the floor but luckily nothing was broken. So when I got back from the trip, I quickly designed this handy door stopper. It plugs into the round hole on the sliding door and…

  • IMG_1522_jpg-scaled.jpg

    Big TV in a Small Trailer

    In this post I want to show you a 60″ (actually 62″) TV setup I have been enjoying for over a year, and as counter-intuitive as it sounds, I think our 16′ Bambi/Caravels is the best Airstream to fit a big TV. I have watched the stock TV exactly once, on my dealership parking lot, the night I took delivery – just to try things out and make sure they…

  • mount.jpg

    Mounting Bracket for Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller

    A robust 3D printable mounting bracket for Tekonsha P3 brake controllers

  • Favorites-6-of-8.jpeg

    Airstream Caravel/Bambi 16RB Closet Shelving System

    A shelving system for Airstream Caravel/Bambi 16′ trailer’s tiny closet

  • Airstream-Curtain-quick-release.png

    Airstream Tool-less Curtain Quick Release

    A quick release for Airstream curtains. Open and close the curtain track for removing curtain without any tool. super handy especially for shower curtains in Bambi’s bathroom.